Full Circle

When Tom first put the truffle in my hand I knew my life would be altered. Yes I had been mushroom hunting for years but truffles were different, hidden. You need dogs to dig them up . Although this truffle was the size of a pea to celebrate we all feasted on lobster soup and prawns straight from the sea where I live . It’s prawn season now and this always reminds me of that day . While walking home Minnie dug a large and extraordinary truffle. I could smell it before it came out of the ground. The smell filled my kitchen. Today I wandered down to the sea to meet Will who had caught some prawns. I took them home,boiled them up and ate them with toast and truffle butter made with the extraordinary one. The flavours together were an exquisite explosion of the sea and earth . I took some pictures but had to stop adjust eat them all up in a kind of frenzy, dripping truffle butter all over the wooden board and somehow knocking over the camera on the tripod . Anyone walking in would be taken aback. Not many truffles are quite this potent and I think this food needs to be served with a warning…..

Each month I will be hosting a truffle event, talks, dogs and food. If we’re luck we might find truffle . No fancy stuff just perfect pairings . Crab, pie, cheese, my home baked bread and ice cream. Dates to follow soon….

I’ve been reluctant to head inland into the woods. I think there are people on my toes.