And we're off......

Due to a very hot June and July with temperatures akin to those in Southern Europe the English truffle season has started very early. These early truffles tend to sit close to or even on the earth’s surface making them easy targets for other creatures and rot. You barely need a dog to find them and it’s not until later in the year that their work becomes essential.

Training dogs to sniff out truffles is really not difficult at all but you do need to know a site where truffles grow naturally and not hidden by a human hand. Otherwise you will never know whether the dog is working or not .Eight years ago when I took Tom Lywood on a merry dance around my local woods, little did I know that I had truffles in my garden. So when Dulcie, my 10 week old Lagotto puppy started digging under a hedge, I was absolutely stunned when she unearthed three little truffles and from then on I could train my dogs in the certainty that where I asked them to search truffles grew.

And then we flew……up and down the county, looking for similar habitats which soon became familiar and easy to spot. Permissions granted, a licence given and soon I will be announce dates for Truffle Beasts and Feasts. A day of hunting with dogs followed by a rustic truffle feast bringing together local produce from the earth and the sea .