Hoaring in Heaven . Music in Cahours .

by Tom Lywood

We ate Spanish truffle in the land where they speak and sniff black fungi. Returned to England Saxon like bug’s bunny is now digging madly in the open field under a massive lime tree .. He has nibbled the very end of this massive march truffle with such distinctive flavour like honey has .So does the truffle have flavour from these individual standing forests with their own smile. The soil is likely to be acid . So a surprising find. Not far away in deceber we had dug another loan large truffle under a sweet chestnut. No one else around just a small standing of 4 chestnuts all well grown perhaps in their 50th year. When I started truffle hunting it was a passion to persuade the chefs and farmes to take part now the whole situation has changed over night and we are ending with more and many truffle hunters and a resturant trade paying good prices for English sourced truffle. Now I am becoming concerned that the mature stands of trees . That we have in short supply will be over hunted. They have always been delicate environments and don’t suite well to being harvested with in inch of their life. This year generally has not been a good season for the truffle production largely due to the dry year of 2016. Lets hope for 2017 this rain continues into summer time. I suspect still we need much more steady rain to water those downland trees. Is it good news or not or if its old news to new ears but in 2016 England produced its first recorded melanosporum x two truffle. They where not eaten as their flesh so stange and black and size small but with great haste where taken and sent to various mycologist in England and abroad . All suggesting it was at the melonsporum but this was not enough and it was decided a DNA test essential for conformation. This proved beyond doubt to be positive and this year another was dug of considerable size and no time was wasted in taking in straight to the kitchen and for me it outshone anything we dug and ate . From Provence to the Lott. I think this might be just because it was so fresh with our scramble egg lunch. Today I had cooked my lentils ready and was all set to travel to Hampshire to dig some Brumale. The farmer fell asleep and all cancelled for another day. This truffle is on the menu of kitchens in the distinctly truffle regions of Europe and with great pride. The aestivum and uncianatum season has ended here in Egland and also planting of young trees soon to be completed . Its been a great year with so many new directions to explore. I have nearly completed my first truffle orchard planting x 2 for a client but within a discipline of bringing to bare .The very best knowledge of hunting experience on the ground and also the nursery man technology. I have always felt the truffle surveys essential for the correct siting the orchards and the incorporation of the mother trees to share their knowledge and mycelium and finally a planting that has a high proportion of native outs door seeds and grown trees . We used a 25% infected trees from a pollytunnell enviromet and the remaining nativeEnglish grown with a starch application of British truffle spoor collected from various sites. (all well below ground) I think also the other element was the choosing of a site with good soil or potential and then a sward lift to help reinvent its lfe underground Now I am back to my dancing and singing until june when we explore new hunting grounds for the Borchi Tartufe A thank you to Ben for the images and his great company and driving and his dog Mere for her truffle hunting skills. Sasha . I think Hunteress would be a great name just something easy to type. I know I am a bad example but have not once managed to type thetrufflehunterss correctly its to long and confusing for me.Trufflehuntress much easier as well. I am sure it will hinder folk. (its sort of puts you off the hazzle) Hunteress you are. Much more than a truffle hunter. I dont consider myself a truffle hunter. I am a hunter floundering in the remains of a forrest. Confused by are crawling up the wall. Trying to avoid the poisoned areas as I play musical chairs with my family on my back No the truffle is just one of the few things left that can still talk . We have the night hunter in my area. he has just arrived . I am hoping I might tempt him to write on this blog aswell . They are correct the Pioneer trees are killed of by the new young generation trees . I am trying my best to learn to dance to keep myself alive. Tom Lywood